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Mystery Box - Evolution  is a point-and-click escape room game where you have to decipher riddles on each mysterious puzzle box and uncover different pieces of artifacts.

Turn wheels, move handles, click buttons, challenge your mind skills and be smart to get to the end of all levels and break each enigma. You can find hidden pieces of artifacts on a random side of each jackbox as well.

🔒 Can you escape?
Open the doors to a new chilling experience, and uncover all the artifacts to unlock an extra box: the Ghost one!

✨ Realistic graphics
It feels like you're touching real objects in amazing rooms with ancient boxes!

🔍 Pay attention to the details of riddles
Like many escape room games and hidden object adventures, carefully examine all boxes to decipher all the enigmas, find hidden objects around them,  click and rotate wheels, press buttons, pull handles up and down, collect artifact pieces to compose a figure and discover a brief history of the item you have discovered.

🧩 Amazing Puzzles
Think outside of the box to solve all riddles, it's not always easy, turn on your brain skills and know that Leonardo da Vinci would have a hard time getting this brain-teasing escape game done as well!

🎶 Chilling Soundtrack music
Put your headphones on to get totally immersed in this point-and-click adventure, and let the past within ancient cultures take your brain and soul into an amazing escape games journey!
It feels like awakening from a long sleep and not knowing where you are, all you know is that you just must work hard to escape the room.

You can also listen to the full Soundtrack of this game on YouTube, enter the Settings, click on the Soundtrack button and enjoy the playlist, it's free to listen!

🆓 Lot of Levels
Download now and enjoy 52 amazing jackbox puzzles!

👻 Fun is guaranteed

Mystery Box - Evolution is a brain teaser adventure that will keep you busy for a few hours and challenge your brain skills with some good tricky riddle.

Enter a thrilling experience now!

📺 Video hint
Click the bulb [💡] button in case you get stuck on a level and you can't decipher a riddle, so you'll be able to watch a video hint that will help you to open the box.

⤴️ Share your achievements
Share your discoveries on your Twitter account after completing a puzzle of an artifact.
Let your community know what you’re playing, and invite your friends to do engage in an exciting escape challenge!


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MysteryBox-Evolution_macOS.zip 127 MB
Mystery Box-Evolution_Win.zip 116 MB

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Bug in Aztec boxes no 2 and 8 : unable to take hidden images ; so i can't make the last box. Can you help me? 

(1 edit)

Hi, have you used the 💡 button to watch a hint? It shows the side of the box where the hidden puzzle pieces are located (I can’t spoil their position :)

(1 edit)

Today it works. May be my mouse is tired, or me,?

I am going to redo hidden secrets

Many thanks for your games i love so much

Glad it worked and that you’re having fun with my games!